About Autism Horses Australia

We are a special needs family with autism levels 1 & 2, & severe dyslexia making up our combination of needs & challenges. In the last year our motto has become, “If you can’t get to the mountain, make the mountain come to you”.

Autism Horses Australia was born out of this.

We now provide Special Needs Therapy- with a difference. Autism Horses Australia focuses on the relationship between the child & the horse. We have a ‘No demand stimulus’ experiential environment.

We are a multidisciplinary team following the NDIS preferred model of a single practitioner to work with your child. This helps your child avoid overstimulation.

At Autism Horses Australia we are doing & going through the same lifestyle as You; so we know and have been through the same stressful therapy situations; including the stress of multiple people in the therapy environment. Our approach is simple and unique; currently the only one of its kind in Australia. We understand and create our Program from these foundations.

We are located in Gingin Shire Western Australia, one hour drive north of Perth. You can find out more about our Programs on 0422 518 955. We can also help you navigate your NDIS funding.

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